06.28.16 - Back At B.B. Kings Baby!
"I'm excited to be returning to B.B. King Blues Club & Grill in #NYC on Saturday July 30!"
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06.23.16 - Mark Farner Stops At Home Before Hitting The Road For The Summer
By: Josh Daunt
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06.11.16 - Arrival In To Dallas! Destination Texan Theater!
Many thanks to Barbara for having us at The Texan! Wonderful folks to work with. Barb did an amazing renovation!

06.11.16 - "I Know Mark's In There Someplace!"
Read up on the history of The Dosey Doe...pretty fascinating!
The fans are loving the Acoustic set!
Great folks to work with!!!
Many Thanks to Steve & Joan for having us at the Dosey Doe!

06.08.16 - Mark Farner Tries The Acoustic Life
Still Your Captain: Mark Farner today
Pic By Daniel HeburtMark Farner is on the phone from his northwestern Michigan home, the day after Memorial Day. It is also two days after a U.S. Army veteran, possibly suffering from PTSD and depression, went on a shooting spree in west Houston that killed one, wounded others and resulted in his own death at the hands of police.

When not preaching the gospel of meat-and-potatoes rock and roll as the ex-lead singer/guitarist/main songwriter of Grand Funk Railroad or the gospel of Jesus Christ as a devout Christian, Farner talks a lot about veterans and veterans' issues, issues he had long been involved with. And he's pissed about what he sees today.

So, if he had a magic wand to do one thing for returning U.S. servicemen and women, what would it be?

"I would welcome them with loving, open arms and have people that are qualified to counsel and minister to these boys and women who have been in this nightmare," he says. "They were programmed to accept war. When you engage in real combat, it's not what they saw on a television, or the movies, or video games. But when a guy sees his best friend in the sand and it's soaking up the blood and he's gone...that's reality."By Bob RuggieroWednesday, June 8, 2016 at 7 a.m.
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Photo by Bob Ruggiero

02.01.16 - Some Kind Of Wonderful~ At B. B. King's!
Serious Rocker's In The Room!
Arnie Goodman
Mark's Aces His Exams From The Examiner! Tap In To It Here!

01.14.16 - If It Feels Good~DUET!!!! Mark And Dusty UnPlugged!
Mark Unplugged!

12.01.15 - Groove To Good Vibrations!
Come on out and see us in Del Ray Beach, Florida!

This is a charity event with a portion of the proceeds supporting Old School Square Pavilion in Del Ray Beach, FL (the activity center for children).
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10.10.15 - Mark Farner's N'rG Company!
Mark And The Band Plus, Support Crew!
Pompano Beach, FL

10.06.15 - West Virginia Music Hall Induction Ceremony~To Induct John Ellison For "Some Kind Of Wonderful"!