02.01.16 - Some Kind Of Wonderful~ At B. B. King's!
Serious Rocker's In The Room!
Arnie Goodman
Mark's Aces His Exams From The Examiner! Tap In To It Here!

01.14.16 - If It Feels Good~DUET!!!! Mark And Dusty UnPlugged!
Mark Unplugged!

12.01.15 - Groove To Good Vibrations!
Come on out and see us in Del Ray Beach, Florida!

This is a charity event with a portion of the proceeds supporting Old School Square Pavilion in Del Ray Beach, FL (the activity center for children).
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10.10.15 - Mark Farner's N'rG Company!
Mark And The Band Plus, Support Crew!
Pompano Beach, FL

10.06.15 - West Virginia Music Hall Induction Ceremony~To Induct John Ellison For "Some Kind Of Wonderful"!

10.05.15 - Mark Is Guest At Mackinac Island Songwriter's Workshop!
We are honored to announce that our special guest speaker for the MISW Thursday night Meet and Greet this year will be the legendary Mark Farner! Mark's footprint in music is undeniable, from former and founding lead singer, guitarist and principle songwriter for Grand Funk Railroad to an ongoing, busy solo career that cements his place in rock and roll history. We are grateful to the Rock n' Roll Patriot for taking time out of his busy schedule to share his experience and knowledge with us at the kick off of the Mackinac Island Songwriters Workshop 2015
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09.11.15 - Media Alert!

07.18.15 - Cincinnati Press Release!
Wow what a hair raising night! Talk about FANS! You're the greatest! A big THANK-YOU to all the fans that came out last night to Bechtold Park in Cincinnati. We know many of you traveled far distances to see Mark Farner N'rG. You are AMAZING! If you were lucky enough to be there you know what I mean.

Black clouds dimmed the sky, rain began and lightening made it's presence. The storms were brewing all around us, lightening on three side that made the hair stand up on the back of your neck! Quickly, After Midnight, the opening band, cut their set short and began clearing the stage. The MF staff, production companies, crew and the city of Cincinnati officials worked diligently juggling phone calls to radio and TV stations as well as weather officials trying to find out if we could pull off the Mark Farner -N'rG show. The dilemma ...to give the fans what they came for without putting the band, production crews, stage crew, staff and dedicated fans in harms way.

Backstage Mark, Lawrence, Hubert & Rick were Chompin' at the bit. We found a small window of opportunity so we let the horses out of the coral and N'rG came to life at Bechtold Park! It was the raw, well anticipated magic of Mark Farner N'rG that gave hope again to fans in the midst of a storm. The excitement of the fans hailed once again as "THE CAPTAIN" took the stage. Lightening, winds and the raw energy of the elements cast a dark shadow over the show. City officials and MF crew made the agreement to end the show after just five songs. It's never an easy decision but it was the right thing to do! Our hats are off to the city of Cincinnati, River City productions, the stage crew, Mike McKeown, WMWX Radio and all who were involved in looking out for the safety and well being of everyone at Bechtold Park. It's all about the team effort and this team is absolutely, by far, one of the best we've had the privilege to work with. Brothers and Sisters...we will return.

06.01.15 - Mark Rockin' Randy Miller Show
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04.21.15 - Mark On That Metal Show~April 25TH!
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