08.09.17 - Rock Legends Cruise Interview!

05.29.17 - Mark On Monster Radio!
Football, Fiddles, Guitars, Banjo's, Violins And The Attention From The Chicky-poo's!
Check Out The Audio Interview!

05.28.17 - Another Brother And Witness For Love has passed...
"A soulful sentiment sets in as the reality of another brother and witness for love has made his graduation back to the assent. We who remain here will miss you, brother Gregg. And, it is certain we will meet up with you there."

~Your Brother,
Mark Farner
Read More Mark Remarks On The Artist And Musician Greg Allman

05.23.17 - Mark Tells Tasty Stories About Five Decades Down The Road!
Gaston's Radio Program~The Gasometer On Kiss FM~Sao Paulo, Brazil
Learn How Zappa Got The Producer Job!

05.10.17 - Santiago, Chile' Ready! Ready! Ready! 2017
CLICK ON THE PICTURE to be transported into the Excitement of the crowd!!!

The musical question was; "Are You Ready?"
The answer was a delightful deafening READY!!!

Here we have our great Chilean friends in multiple Funkin' generations singing together as true Farner fans do! It was MAGICAL!

04.28.17 - Meet Our Chilean Promoter!
Carlos & Freddie.
Carlos Pastene is the Chilean promoter!

04.04.17 - MARK FARNER:The Cussing Christian Of Rock And Roll!

04.02.17 - Are You Ready Guam? Get Ready!

03.12.17 - Mark Farner's Statement On The Passing Of A Legend, CHUCK BERRY~The Pioneer
"I was so sad to hear about Chuck Berry," Mark Farner, legendary guitarist said.
"I see Chuck Berry as the father of rock 'n' roll guitar because no one else has influenced the industry like he has. Every rock guitar player in the world has been influenced by Chuck Berry, and that's a natural fact!
"Fats Domino, Bo Diddley and Little Richard all released records prior to Berry, but none of them could hold a candle's to Chuck's charisma and raw, natural talent."
God rest your sweet rockin' soul brother Berry...we shall all meet up with you some day and party 'till God says stop!"

03.06.17 - DICK WAGNER::"Remember The Child" Epic Benefit Event
March 6, 2017
Mark Farner ...talks about Writing songs with Dick Wagner and Special Memories!

"It was one of the most moving and heartfelt nights I've ever been involved with in all my years of Rock and Roll."
"What an amazing night! It was the single best concert/event I've ever attended!"
"One of the best nights of my life!"
"A Magical Night!!"
"Phenomenal It was well worth the 10 hour drive,"
"I was blown away by the talent. Wow!"
"This was, by far, the best event I have ever been to, and I'm so glad I took 4 loved ones along for the performance"
"36 Hours after that Amazing Show I'm still buzzing...Saturday Night's Concert will rank as one of my favorite of all the Concerts I have seen."
"What a room! so much love and so many heavy musicians and artists, one of coolest vibes I have ever seen at a show anywhere."
"Epic night at the Fillmore paying tribute to a rock and roll legend!"
"That was an amazing concert, so full of love for Dick Wagner."
"It was a night that I'll never forget."
"An amazing event. I will never forget the feeling of the love in the Fillmore that night."
"Everyone that performed sang their heart out, and played with all their passion and soul!
I attended the Memorial concert and wow what a show! Everyone who worked on this really hit it out of the park!"